About Us

Project Persephone is a Tokyo-based society founded with the goal of bringing space development to the masses. Our current effort: to reach out to classrooms, in Japan and around the world, to involve them tiny satellite ("femtosatellite") projects. Some of these projects emphasize biology. One proposes using magnetactic bacteria to change the orientation of a femtosatellite. Another aims at putting an extremophile ecosystem in a femtosatellite. We also host a contest for the best satellite-generated poem to help bring literary and technology studies together.

What we want to do

  • Give more space access to anybody who wants some
  • Get more people wanting more space by making space more fun
  • Make our world a little healthier, wealthier, and - if possible - wiser in the process.

All without sending anybody to space - at least for now.

It's a tall order. It raises difficult questions. We'll need some people. Maybe you.

What we do

Space for fun - but only to SPEC

Project Persephone is an educational, research and charitable NGO. We recognize that space exploitation must be pursued

We call this: "Meeting the SPEC".

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